10 At-Home Yoga Poses For A Faster Weight Loss

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You don’t know how to achieve your fitness goals faster? Well, the following yoga poses will help you do that!

If you are tired in trying all sorts of diets to lose weight without any result, then you should try the following yoga along with a healthy diet. You will be impressed by the results.

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Yeah, you will say that yoga has no connection with weight loss, but try to sneak-a-peak in a yoga class and you’ll be impressed by the large number of overweight persons in there. That’s because when yoga is done routinely and correctly it becomes an incredible powerful weight loss weapon.

You will muscles will burn and shake with energy as you hold a balanced position.

So, try the following yoga poses by holding each move for 30 seconds, and introduce the poses in your daily routine. The results will be amazing, for sure!

1. The Chair

Image Credits: The Chair

The chair is like holding a squat, so it really gets your quads, hamstrings, and calves burning. And since it activates such large muscle groups, the chair pose is great for burning calories.

2. Warrior I

Image Credits: Warrior I

The longer you hold warrior I pose, the more you will challenge your thighs. If you feel yourself shaking, that means it’s working!

3. Warrior II

Image Credits: Warrior II

Warrior II is similar to Warrior I, except it also allows you to open to the side, stretching and elongating different areas. Try it out, and you will notice the subtle, but important difference.

4. Warrior III

Image Credits: Warrior III

When you’re really ready for a challenge, try Warrior III. It looks simple, but it’s not. Trying to maintain your balance while holding the pose will require engaging all your leg, core, and back muscles. The first time you work on this pose, you might notice some serious soreness in your legs.

5. Plank Pose

Image Credits: Plank Pose

Planks will engage your abs, arms, and shoulders. Your body should be in a straight line, without sagging or raised hips, to maintain proper posture.

6. Boat Pose

Image Credits: Boat Pose

The boat pose requires strong abs to hold yourself up, so focus on keeping your legs and back straight to avoid straining.

7. Downward Dog

Image Credits: Downward Dog

The downward dog is great for stretching your legs and spine, so it’s one of the most popular positions. However, achieving and maintaining proper form will also engage different muscles throughout your body, burning calories and raising your heart rate.

8. Upward Dog

Image Credits: Upward Dog

Upward dog, or upward facing dog, is a great pose for engaging your upper body, since your arms, shoulders, and back will all need to work together. It’s also a great stretch for your abs and chest.

9. Eagle Pose

Image Credits: Eagle Pose

The eagle pose targets the calf, while also engaging other leg muscles. You’ll also need to use your back and abs to keep your torso straight instead of leaning over.

10. Triangle Pose

Image Credits: Triangle Pose

Our final weight loss yoga pose is the triangle pose. It’s a great aligning and stretching pose that works your entire body, including hips, thighs, calves, and shoulders.

Image Credits: Caloriebee

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