6 Pilates Stretches To Improve Your Circulation

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After a long night’s sleep, you need to wake up energized. And what better way to do so than with Pilates stretches to improve your circulation. By stretching out in the morning, you will wake up all your senses and your circulation flow will get the spread it needs. Furthermore, these Pilates stretches are also great if you know you have a sedentary lifestyle. Thus, if you are working all day from an office or maybe you think you don’t work out enough, these stretches will bring a new energy to your body when you improve your circulation. Hence, step out of your comfort zone by trying them out. Keep reading and see 6 Pilates stretches you should do every morning to improve your circulation.

1. Consciously Breathing

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Image Credits: YouTube

Lay on your back.
Start lengthening your arms and legs.
However, make sure your back and neck are completely straight.
Then, take control of your breathing.
Thus, expand the ribs sideways as you inhale, counting slowly for five seconds.
Then, exhale evenly, closing the ribs and firming your abs.
Also, make sure you are squeezing out all the air.
Aim for 9 more reps.

2. Pilates Tendon Stretch Exercise

Image Credits: Nancy Wallace Pilates

Bring your heels together.
Then, push your heels away as you stretch your toes toward your head for three seconds.
Then point the toes away from you.
Aim for 9 more reps.

3. Pilates Double Leg Stretch Exercise

Image Credits: Popsugar

Bring both knees to your chest.
Then, make sure you are holding onto your ankles.
Start stretching your lower back.
Next, hold the position for 10 long, deep breaths.
Moreover, firm your core on the exhale.
Aim for 9 more reps.

4. Pilates Single Leg Circle Exercise

Image Credits: YouTube

Raise your right leg straight up.
Try to hold the toes or your calf and reach your heel to the ceiling.
Then, start lengthening the left leg away from you.
Try to hold this position for the 10 count breath.
Then, release your hands, and place your arms and hands long by your sides.
Aim for 10 small circles in each direction with your extended leg.
Then, repeat on the other side.

5. Pelvic Lift Exercise

Image Credits: Shape Magazine

Bend your knees and have your feet on the bed hip distance apart.
Curl your pelvis towards your ribs.
Then, squeeze your buttocks and lift your lower body for a count of five seconds.
Next, slowly lower your back down to a count of five seconds.
Aim for 9 more reps.

6. Hip Opening Exercise

Image Credits: Yoga Basics

Bring the soles of your feet together as close to your torso as you can.
Then, let your knees open up.
Rest there 5 long, deep breaths.

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