End Knee Pain: Mixed-Up Stretches For People With Bad Knee

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Most boys love soccer, and not only watching it on T.V., but also playing it rough on the soccer field. Yeah, my husband is among the “most boys” category, only that he can’t enjoy this activity anymore due to a severe pain in the knee.

After seeing a physical therapist he was diagnosed with bad knee which send him directly into the dugout.
But, the key of overcoming knee pain lies in performing a complex set of mixed-up stretches which will make that horrible knee pain disappear in no time.

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It seems that rest whenever you are in pain isn’t the key of getting better!
Actually, my husband is a champ on the soccer field right now, after performing the following exercises that helped him a lot in strengthening the muscles surrounding the knee joint.

Well, stop yelling: “Sorry, bro’! Bad knee here!” because there is a low-impact solution to get rid of knee pain!

No Equipment Stretches:

1. Calf Stretch

Image Credits: Calf Stretch

  • To help remove pressure in the back of your knee, stand in front of a wall with your hands pushed against the wall.
  • Place one leg straight back with the heel and foot firmly planted on the floor.
  • For advanced stretching, lean forward and down while bending your front knee.
  • You will feel the back of your leg stretch and loosen up.
  • Switch legs and repeat till you have done ten reps on each leg, holding five to ten seconds.

2. Hamstring Stretch

Image Credits: Hamstring Stretch

  • Start on your back facing the sky, legs straight, heels on the floor.
  • Lift your left leg up into the air, keeping it straight.
  • If you can, grab behind your left thigh and gently pull toward your stomach, then switch legs and repeat.

3. Quad Stretch

Image Credits: Quad Stretch

  • This move helps with mystery pains under the kneecap.
  • Lie on your side with your bottom leg straight; bend your top leg back so your foot comes toward your buttocks.
  • You should feel the stretch in the front of your thigh.
  • Switch sides and repeat.

4. Side Lunge Stretch

Image Credits: Side Lunge Stretch

  • This move to fight knee pain helps increase hip and knee stability while working the muscles on the insides of your thighs, the adductors.
  • Standing with your feet spread wide, sink to one side in a lunge while keeping the opposite leg straight.
  • The inside part of your straight leg’s thigh should be facing down towards the floor.
  • Keep your foot flat on the floor the best you can.
  • <You’ll feel the stretch in your inner thigh.
  • Switch and repeat with the other leg.

Foam Rolling Stretches

1. Quads

Image Credits: Quads

  • Lying on your belly, place the foam roller just above your knee.
  • Roll the entire quad muscle from the top of the knee to the base of the hip.
  • If you find areas of excess tension, spend some extra time rolling over those trigger points.

2. Adductors

Image Credits: Adductors

  • Lying on your belly with your knee slightly out to the side, roll the inside of your thigh from the groin to just above the knee.

3. IT Band

Image Credits: IT Band

  • Lying on your side propped up on one hand, roll your IT band from just above to knee right up through your hip.

4. Glutes

Image Credits: Glutes

  • Crossing your left foot over your knee, place the foam roller directly under your left butt cheek.
  • Seek out trigger points in your glutes.
  • Pro tip: Usually they’re pretty high and towards the outside of the glute, close to your lower back.

5. Calf

Image Credits: Calf

  • Sitting on your rear, the foam roller goes directly under your calves.
  • You can cross one foot on top of the other and roll out one calf at a time for additional pressure.

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