Great Painkiller Exercises To Fix Mouse Wrist Pain

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Sitting in front of the computer all day is what you do for a living? Well, this happens to be my situation too, and a million other people. This causes satisfactions on one side, but on the other side, you’ll face with all sort of aches, such as wrist, shoulder and finger pain.

Mouse wrist pain is the most common arm pain faced by computer users because of those millions of clicks you do daily. Instead of winning to your co-workers about the pain, do something about it and share it with them, because they might be in the same situation like you.

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The following wrist stretching exercises will help you to get rid of the pain and work with pleasure, without any complaints.

1. Shake Your Hands

Image Credits: Shake Your Hands

The shake is super straight forward, and it’s great for you! Just shake your hands as if you’re air drying them after washing them off. Do this for a couple minutes every few hours to keep your wrist muscles from getting cramped. No time for stretches? Just add it into your bathroom routine – shake dry your hands a little bit longer than usual and become that awesome multi-tasker, with strong wrists, you’ve always dreamed about.

2. Wrist Extensions & Flexion

Image Credits: Wrist Extensions & Flexion

This is a classic stretch that you might already do without noticing it! With your arm fully extended, pull your fingers back towards you and add pressure with the opposite hand, pulling your fingers towards your face. You’ll want to be sitting or standing straight with your shoulders relaxed. Hold for at least 5-10 seconds and repeat every few hours.

3. Stretch Armstrong

Image Credits: Stretch Armstrong

Hold your arms straight out in front of your body and then raise and lower your hands, bending them at the wrist, to stretch the muscles in your forearm. Repeat several times. This routine adds to the wrist extensions and flexion you just did, continually loosening those tight muscles.

4. Cat Claws

Image Credits: Cat Claws

If you’ve ever had cold finger tips you may know this one. Make a tight fist with your hands. Hold it for a second. Then spread your fingers as far apart as you can and repeat. Try doing this as fast as you can in 10 second bursts and you’ll be warmed up and stretched in no time at all.

5. Spiders Doing Pushups

Image Credits: Spiders Doing Pushups

It may have a silly name but it works. Remember that old nursery rhyme, the isty-bitsy spider, from when you were a kid? Well it turns out that it’s actually a great stretch for your wrists and fingers. Start by putting your hands together in the prayer position, or the iconic Mr. Burns ‘excellent hands’. Spread fingers apart as far you can, separating the palms of your hands but keeping your fingers together. This exercise is pretty good to do when you’re trying to come up with an idea – it makes you look like you’re deep in thought and it’s good for your fingers!

Image Credits: Drdavidgeier

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