Low-Impact Stretches For Hip Flexor Strain You Can Easily Do At-Home

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After certain age, our body starts to ache due to the aging process, which is absolutely normal. Anyhow we can’t live a painful life and doing something to relieve those horrible pains is mandatory.

Lately, I’ve been working out at the gym, and I end up with a hip flexor strain which caused severe pain in the groin and hip muscles. Most of the time hip strain is the results of sudden contraction during stretching, sprinting or kicking exercises.

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Instead, fight fire with fire!

The odd thing is that this pain can fade away by performing a set of low-impact exercises, three times a day, but be careful not to cause more strain, and the below stretches are perfect to loosen your hips and flexors.

1. Seated Butterfly Stretch

– Sit on the floor with your back straight and abs engaged.
– Push the soles of your feet together in front of you. Let your knees bend out to the sides.
– As you pull your heels toward you, relax your knees and allow them to inch closer to the floor.
– Take a deep breath, and hold this pose for 10 to 30 seconds.

2. Pigeon Pose

– Begin in a plank position.
– Lift your left foot off the floor and slide it forward so that your knee is on the ground next to your left hand, and your foot is near your right hand. Exactly where your knee and toes fall will depend on your flexibility.
– Slide your right leg back as far as you can while keeping your hips square and lower yourself to the floor and onto your elbows, bringing your upper body down as far as possible.
– Hold the stretch without letting your chest fall. Once you feel like you’ve gotten a good stretch, switch sides.

3. Bridge Pose

– Lie down on your back with your arms at your sides, feet on the floor, and your knees bent. Try to position your feet so your fingers can touch your heels.
– Press into your heels, and lift your hips off the floor toward the ceiling while squeezing your glutes. Try to shimmy your shoulders as close together under your body as possible.
– Hold the position for a few seconds before returning to the original position, then repeat several times. Don’t forget to breathe!

4. Lunges

– From a standing position, look straight ahead and take a generous step forward with your right foot.
– Bend your extended knee and transfer your weight onto that front right leg. Continue to lower yourself slowly into the lunge until your left knee hovers just above, or softly kisses, the ground. Your right knee should be directly above your right ankle.
– Step back into a standing position. Repeat the pose with your left leg.

5. Floor-Sliding Mountain Climbers

– Position yourself on a wood floor or another smooth surface.
– Place your sliders under the balls of your feet while in a pushup position.
– Pull your right leg toward your chest, alternating with your left leg as you would for standard mountain climbers.
– Go slowly at first, then pick up the pace.

6. Skater Squats

– Bend from the knee and hips, lowering your butt toward the ground while keeping your back straight and chest lifted.
– After each squat, shift your weight to either your right or left leg while lifting the opposite leg off to the side with your toes pointed ahead.
– Alternate legs each time.
– Lie on your back with your palms at your side. Take turns extending each leg up and off the ground for about 2 seconds.
– Hold your leg at roughly a 45-degree angle. Your opposite leg should be bent at the knee with your foot planted on the floor, while your raised foot should keep the toe pointed to the sky.
– Switch legs, and then repeat 10 times on each leg.

7. Wall Psoas Hold

– From a standing position, bend your right knee and lift your upper leg up to the sky.
– Balance on your left foot while keeping your right knee and thigh at hip level for about 30 seconds.
– Lower it slowly, then repeat on your left leg.

8. Hip Flexion

– While lying on your back with your legs straight out, flat on the ground, slowly take a knee (one at a time) toward your chest.
– Pull it as close to your chest as possible without feeling uncomfortable.
– Return to the starting position, and repeat on your opposite leg.

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