The Best Booty-Burning Workout With No Squats Nor Lunges

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This is an amazing booty-burning workout and you will see how effective it really is when you start doing it. My favorite part of it is that you don’t have time intervals to worry about. You will only have to do 3 sets of 20 reps. Therefore, that will get your booty-burning throughout the whole workout. You won’t need a long list of exercises or movements neither. Just simple 5 manageable exercises to get the results you want. Hence, doesn’t it sound tempting? Keep reading and see for yourself, this is the best booty-burning workout you will ever need.

Furthermore, this is also a creative routine for your lower body because you won’t do any squats or lunges. Here you will have only some excellent exercises to build your glutes, to strengthen your core and to stabilize your pelvis, basically all the important elements to have a successful fitness routine. Check them out:

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1. Step Up With Knee Lift

Image Credits: PaleoHacks

Stand in front of a box, about one foot away.
Then, step up with your left foot and drive your right knee up towards your chest.
Make sure you have the opposite knee to 90 degrees.
Now, the key is to really squeeze your glutes, especially the one of the standing leg.
Next, make sure you have control of the movement.
Then, step your right foot back to the starting position.
Next, follow up with the other foot.
Keep alternating until you do 10 reps for each leg.
Lastly, aim for 3 sets of 20 reps.

2. Side-Lying Power Kick

Image Credits: BBM News Messaging

Lie on your right side.
Your right elbow should be bent under your shoulder.
Make sure you lift your ribcage away from the floor.
Moreover, your hips should be stacked and your knees bent at 90 degrees in front of your hips.
Then, start extending your top leg straight in front of your hip.
Next, bend the knee into your chest, then press out through heel to extend leg straight.
Do 10 reps on the right side, and then repeat on opposite side to complete 1 set of 20 reps.
Lastly, aim for 2 more sets.

3. Frog

Image Credits: Jessica Smith TV

Lie facedown with your knees bent and open to sides.
Make sure your feet are flexed and the heels are pressed together.
Then, start bending your elbows and stack your hands in order to rest your forehead on them.
While keeping your heels touching, start squeezing your glutes.
Then, lift your thighs off the floor.
Next, lower back to the starting position and repeat.
Lastly, aim for 3 sets of 20 reps.

4. Marching Glute Bridge

Image Credits: Women’s Health

Lie on your mat with your face up.
Make sure your knees are bent and feet flat on the floor.
Then, start lifting your hips off the mat into a bridge.
Now you are you in your starting position.
Then, slightly lift your toes off the ground.
Start bending your right knee and lift your right foot off the floor.
Make sure you keep your hips still throughout the movement.
Thus, hold this pose for five seconds, then slowly lower your right foot to the ground.
While lowering, maintain your hips lifted.
Then, simply repeat with your left foot.
Alternate legs for 20 reps total.
Lastly, aim for 3 sets of 20 reps.

5. Kneeling Rear Attitude

Image Credits: Tracy Anderson

Get into an all fours position.
Then, bend your elbows to the floor below your shoulders and clasp your hands together.
Next, bend your left knee behind your right, curling left heel in closer to your body.
Moreover, start lifting your left leg up behind your hip.
While doing so, your knee should turn out to the side into a rear attitude position.
Then, bend your left knee back behind your right.
Do 10 reps on the first side, and then 10 reps on the other leg to complete 1 set.
Lastly, aim for 3 sets of 20 reps.

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